Questions and Answers: E-Lit Final Project Progress

So, here we are…the blogs of e-literature stories are over. This can only mean one thing: the semester is coming to an end which means…the final project! I have a very clear idea of where I am going with my final project. I am not sure if any of you have read on the Google document what my intentions are, but either way, I will give you a summary. Here goes: My e-lit text will be titled Yin Yang: Pandemic Poetry. If it’s not obvious, I will be creating a collection of poems about the CO-VID 19 pandemic. It will show the evolution of the virus in this country from the first case in March to the current second wave in November. But this virus will be told from multiple perspectives; from people who suffered during these past eight months to people who actually benefitted from this disease and its repercussions on society. The reason why I chose the Yin Yang image is because this visual reflects darkness and light; a way of experiencing this pandemic for people around the country and world. There are already two circles in the Yin Yang, but I will be adding more on each side, making it smaller as it progresses down or up. Each circle will turn into a picture of the virus as the mouse hovers over and once clicked, will bring you to a black screen of various symbols representing the people who suffered or benefitted from CO-VID such as nurses, doctors, elderly, delivery drivers, etc.

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Depending on who you will click, a poem will come up on the screen, representing the emotions that were felt in those people during a specific time. At first, I was thinking of putting audio but I felt that would be too much in the story. Leaving it silent would allow for the reader to experience a noiseless environment, contrasting what the actual author of the poem would have been going through. Not all virus circles will take you to a poem. Some will take you to quotes from doctors or media throughout the pandemic, some will just be images that speak a thousand words, and some will be news clippings of the situation here in the US. I have already outlined how many perspectives I will have for both Yin and Yang, and what each month will show when clicked on the virus circle. I even started writing my poems. It will be a lot, but I figured the faster I begin, the more time I will have to really give it my all. The only thing I am confused about is, what website or software can I use to make this story what I want it to be? In terms of an ending, I don’t think I will have closure in this text because with this pandemic, I don’t think anybody will really get closure. We will always question “Why did this happen? Why hasn’t it gone yet? Why now? Why so many lives lost? What was the reason?” and maybe we will never get answers. But all I know, is that this will never be forgotten by people who have lost or gained from this pandemic and people in the future should get a sense of the many heroes who stemmed from dark and light in this trivial and horrific time.

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